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Construction building materials and indu

Supplies Dash




  Construction Delivery Service

We'll grab your items so you don't have to.

Just in time delivery

We delivery your materials when you need them!

Our Services

Delivery from our warehouses

job sites

to your 

“Their Moffett delivery services help us distribute thousands of bagged products to our customers efficiently and quickly."

Jerry Bennett, Kurtz Bros. of Central Ohio

Need Warehouse Space?

Warehouse Shelves

Learn about short and long-term storage options for your products and supplies. We have affordable storage rates and the right  equipment to deliver your supplies on-site when you need them. 


it works

Supplies Dash is a construction courier service. We can deliver small items to large palletized materials. Our niche is the construction industry. Need something? Let's grab it for you!

Amazed Male Construction Worker with sho

About us


Don't spend your time running to the store. Let us grab the items you need! 

We exist to help businesses be more efficient with their work. Our goal is to help business owners get their items to the jobsite fast and keep their customers happy. This leads to better profits, better service for our clients, and most importantly...projects completed on-time!

Don't waste another moment in traffic. Deliver with

Supplies Dash

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