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The Supplies Dash advantage

We help construction companies keep their overhead low and production high. Our storage options allow contractors to keep products stocked at our facility, eliminating having their products snatched up by other contractors, theft or supply chain issues. We can store job materials or demo materials, allowing for a clean workspace, more productivity and less client complaints. Most importantly, we can deliver contractors products to their jobsite when they need it! This means...they will never have to waste time in a store again!

We can..
  • Have full truckloads or partials delivered to your space

  • Inventory your supplies

  • Deliver your supplies when you need them

  • Pickup your supplies and inbound them to your space

  • Store pallets for as low as $15 per month

We have a 25,000 square foot facility located at:

750 Marion Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43207

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